We have tried to answer the most common questions below. Please hit chat, email us or call us if you any other questions. We look forward to booking your next visit.



What items do we need to bring from home?


We provide comfortable bedding and bowls but encourage you to bring whatever you want, plenty of food, familiar toys and treats, and any medications or vitamins you provide for your dog. Also, if you are a Raw feeder, we have a freezer on location to make sure your dog has the same food as at home. We will do all we can for any special needs your pet may require.

Why do you not allow the dogs to play with other boarding dogs?


Each dog is different. We DO NOT enforce interaction with other dogs. This is part of our structured approach and daily schedule and provides your pet the opportunity to remain in a calm state of mind without the interruption of other dogs. If your dog plays well with other dogs, and you would like them to have that social interaction, then it will always be with my dogs. My dogs are highly trained to play with other dogs and controlled by me.

How do you maintain hygiene for my pet during extended stays?


While we strive to keep a clean setting, we cannot control the weather or your dog's individual tendency to "be a dog" outside. Some dogs might need a bath before going home. We are happy to bathe your pet before pick up to ensure they are fresh and fluffy before departure. Please ask about discounted baths after minimum stays. Of course, you may also bring your pet in at any time without boarding to receive a bath.

What vaccinations do you require for Dogs?


 All pets must have proof of up to date rabies vaccine for boarding and daycare.

Can I take a tour of the facility


 Absolutely! We encourage new boarders to visit us any time we are open to see the kennels or the Luxury Apartment. We also encourage you to bring your pet in for a "get acquainted" visit for a few hours prior to boarding for the first time. There is no charge for this visit. This visit helps your pet get used to the sounds and sights and smells of a new place while knowing that you will return for them soon.

 How often does my dog get to go out and socialize and use the restroom?


 It is our daily goal to have each dog enjoy 6-8 potty time sessions per day. The total time and number of sessions can vary depending on weather, occupancy, dog temperament, etc. The last potty session is after 9 PM.

What happens if my dog gets sick or injured?


 In the event that a serious injury is to occur, we will always act in the best interest of the dog. We take them to the closest available veterinary facility to have them treated. In the event that it is a non-serious injury will do our best to make arrangements to take them to their own vet. A call is always made to the owner to alert them of any such situation that may arise.